Sustainability Accelerator Programme

Stichting Technotrend and, pioneers of the Transformative Sustainable Education model and The Five Phases of Innovation, are inviting forward thinking partner schools from across Europe to join our Erasmus+ programme to support this work.

What would partner schools achieve from the Sustainability Accelerator Programme?

  • Staff trained and inspired to contribute towards the development of the Transformative Sustainability Education model and The Five Phases of Innovation.
  • An implemented innovation for sustainability project in your school.
  • Greater teacher and student efficacy through empowering them to make a difference.
  • Begin to establish your school as a beacon for sustainability innovation embedded within a wider network.

How will it work?

The programme will last from September 2023 to June 2024 with the following steps:

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What commitment do we expect partner schools to make?

  • School leadership supportive considering sustainability education a priority for school development
  • Attendance of an online kick off event in October; consisting of two half days of online training, together with all participating schools throughout Europe. Participating schools will assemble a school team consisting of (teaching) staff and possibly interested students.
  • 4 online half day workshops spread over the months of November - May
  • 6 monthly individual school coaching sessions.
  • Piloting an innovation project, of your own design, in your school.
  • Sharing your innovation story at a conference and on other digital platforms.

How do schools apply?

Selected schools will start via Zoom on the afternoon of Wednesday 8th November


Does the school have to pay for this?

No, training, workshops and individual coaching sessions are free. The school only commits to investing the time of the project team to follow through with the project and resources for the implementation of sustainability education.

Which schools are eligible to apply?

Participant schools must be:

  • Located within the European Union
  • Able to communicate confidently in English during the workshops and showcase event*
  • Ready to comply with the commitments outlined above

Participant schools can be:

  • Primary, Middle School or Secondary schools
  • Public or Private funded
  • At different stages of implementing sustainability education within their school

*local project work can be done in the national language of the school


This project is made possible by

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