ICEY: Innovative Circular Economy specialisation for the Young Innovators program​ (eng)

In the project ICEY​ (Innovative Circular Economy specialization for the Young Innovators program​) we are developing a toolkit for organizing Young Innovators programs with a focus on Circular Economy (CE).​ The toolkit WILL BE delivered in 3 languages and consists of a handbook to train teachers, a lesson plan on CE with assessment materials and specific methods to organize parts of Young Innovators programs.

This project is initiated in response to the repeated request from different stakeholders during the implementation of the Young Innovators program in recent years to focus more deeply on the topic of Circular Economy. This need also appears to exist among companies.

The toolkit will be tested internationally (in the Netherlands and Hungary) carrying out at least 4 pilots during the school years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. A pilot consists of a teacher training course, a School Innovators program and a Young Climathon. Our ambition is to reach 25 teachers and 500 students per country. In addition, we want to involve 24 SMEs as case holders at the Young Climathons.


  • Further develop and expand the Young Innovators Program with the much sought-after CE specialization​
  • Providing European young people 12-18 years of age with more understanding, knowledge and skills about CE​
  • Facilitating the implementation of Young Innovators programs by partners (also internationally).
  • Provide more clarity and tools to teachers on teachoing CE topics
  • Expanding our network of schools, partner organizations and other interested parties, nationally and internationally
  • Reaching 1000 students and 50 teachers (internationally)​.


  • January - September 2023: development of content material
  • September - December 2023: 1st pilot round
  • 2024: 2nd pilot round

After the end of the project (and fine-tuning after 2 pilot rounds), the materials will be made available in English via the Erasmus+ platform, so that other organizations can also use them to organize Young Innovators programs internationally.

Interested in the ICEY toolkit material?

The material for the Circular Economy Young Innovators program will be made available in the course of 2024 in Dutch, Hungarian and English. Interested in receiving the toolkit? Send an email to project leader Laura Wolf.


The Technotrend Foundation is collaborating in this project with the Hungarian partners Center for Systems Innovation (CSI), Milestone Institute and EIT Climate KIC Benelux.

This project is supported by the European Erasmus+ fund.

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